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Video 1:
The Introduction

Find out where we are in Abingdon and walk through our Dojo...
Video 2: 
Try Karate

Watch how we teach you Karate...
Video 3: 
Try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Watch how we teach you Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...
Video 4: 
Try Jeet Kune Do
Watch how we teach you Bruce Lee's System in Action!
Video 5: 
See what else we offer - Training For Warriors

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Video 6: 
I show you what to do next?

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See what our students are saying:

Sam Coxon 2nd Degree Black Belt and JKS England Karate Team Member

“My training lacked was consistency. I was a regularly going to the gym but had very little direction on what I wanted to accomplish or why I was going, other than attempting to keep ‘in shape’’.

"The danger with training without direction is that your training plateaus, you become demotivated and ultimately stop training. The innovative and progressive training given by the instructors at CDMA have enabled me to avoid these pitfalls and enjoy the training week-to-week, month-to-month and year-to-year.”

Gemma Haynes, TFW Student and 6-week Challenge Participant

"The best result is losing 9kg in my first 6 weeks of the challenge but the biggest change is how I now feel.

My mood has improved even though I'm getting up for a 5.30 am class everyday! (I love sleep!)

I genuinely enjoy every session at TFW and everybody is so nice. I was nervous to attend my first class after the 6 week challenge but I had nothing to worry about as everybody was so welcoming and gave me so much support. TFW is completely different to any gym. Although its group workouts it feels like its one to one.

There is no excuse not to get it done and you feel like you always want to push yourself further because everybody else around has the same attitude and determination. I have also never had the encouragement and support that I have at TFW and can't imagine it not being part of my daily routine now."

Valentina - TFW Member

“I met new people and most of them are truly friends now, I’m more confident and gained self esteem. I gave up smoking almost one year ago and simply because I could not sprint like all my mates in class. I wished I would have stopped before, but i’m so glad I have now. I gained more muscle mass thanks to lifting weight constantly and changed most of my old food habits ( the bad ones…).”

Sean O’Mally, BJJ Student

"The results I've gained since training at CDMA are not only improved physical fitness but also better mental well being. 

 In the past year or so I've taken a lot away from training at CDMA and am thoroughly grateful for it as well.”

Clare Holyoak - Karate Parent

“The ability to not only attend karate classes but also compete and more recently teach has been incredibly character building. He has had to overcome many challenges and has learnt many new skills. 

Throughout this time the Can Do team have supported him with words of encouragement when he doubted himself and praise for his achievements. They have helped him cope with failure and always been focused on his development both as a karate athlete and a person.

Karate has improved his focus, coordination, self-confidence and mental wellness. It has also taught him many important life skills such as self-defence, commitment and self discipline. He has built up many strong friendships and had some excellent role models to train with".